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Club Spotlight: Chicago Coffee Shops

Name: Metropolis Coffee 

Neighborhood: Edgewater 

Metropolis is a coffee shop and roastery that services much of the greater Chicago area. They believe that great coffee comes from a line of respect, beginning with bean farmers and the love of their land. They pay fair prices for harvest (direct-trade) and offer a range of brewing methods: pour-over, Japanese cold brew, and standard drip. Their prices are some of the most affordable around. The shop is conveniently located (just off the Granville red line stop) and boasts three rooms of tables, chairs, and couches. Each room seems to have a “set” volume level—the entrance is noisy, the second room is full of discussion, and the farthest room is full of people quietly reading and writing. 

Name: Oromo Café 

Neighborhood: Lincoln Square 

The newly-opened Oromo Café is like the United Nations of coffee—their espresso and coffee drinks feature flavors from around the world, including India, Turkey, Madagascar, and Ethiopia. You can ask the barista to spike your beverage with superfoods, such as spirulina, for an added boost of nutrition. My personal favorite is the pistachio-rose latte; it’ll run you around the price of a beer at a local bar, but it’s a can’t-miss drink. You can also get traditionally-brewed Turkish coffee and Iraqi teas.  

Club Spotlight: New York Coffee Shops

Name: Devoción  

Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

Devoción’s roastery and café is an outpost of a coffee roaster in Bogota, Colombia. The shop’s beans arrive via FedEx straight from Columbia—no more than ten days after being picked, meaning this is some of the freshest coffee in the city. In fact, “freshness” is integral to their mission statement; they launched in 2006 with the goal of changing the way coffee is consumed around the world, emphasizing the importance of incredibly fresh coffee. The space itself is large, open, and features a massive skylight. Planning to stay a while? You’re in luck—Devoción priorities seating space, offering couches, stools, a bar, and several 2- and 4-person tables.